When my dad, Cleo Lagaly fell and ended up needing to be in a nursing home several months back, we knew after a few short weeks at a nursing home, we did not want his last month’s to be at a traditional nursing home. So we set out to find a special place for our dad that felt like home! After looking at a few homes, we came to Premier Living. I think my brothers, sisters and mom all knew from the minute we walked in, this was the place. This was the place just like home just where we wanted our dad to be! It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made!

I’m the daughter who lives 320 miles away in Omaha Nebraska, so my trips to see dad were not as often as I wish they could have been, but when I was there, I always knew my dad was getting the best care possible! Whether I was right there by his side, or in Omaha, I knew he would be taken care of.

My dad had his favorites and the nurses there know who they are. He was ornery and sometimes stubborn, but they knew just how to work with him! I’ve always been taught patience is a virtue and these nurses have a lot of patience!

Thank you for always allowing my mom to be by his side for she spent a lot of time there everyday. She didn’t want to be anywhere else! Allowing her to eat beside my dad everyday was also comforting to know that she was eating and taking care of herself.

My dad was only there a few months, but I know we all kind of felt like we all became part of the family of the staff and residence. I know one evening when I was at the suppertable with dad, he was having a rough go and refusing to eat. I could see how it affected everyone around the table. It was a very silent table. I know the couple that lives there seemed really close and concerned for my dad.

In closing, thank you for everything. Premier Living has got a great thing going! My mom has already said if she needs to be somewhere other than home, she wants to be at a place just like Premier Living.

May God bless you all. I will continue to pray for the good work you all do and for the “family” of residence there!

We take comfort in knowing in his final days my dad was well cared for and also take comfort in knowing he is in a peaceful place called heaven and suffers no more. He was a great father and will be missed terribly until the time comes and we meet again.

We chose Premier Living for some of the memorial offering money in hopes that you can buy something in need to care for the residents there.

Thank you so much. God bless!

Premier Living has excellent staff and everyone goes above and beyond the expected. We couldn’t ask for a better place for Mom to live.

When my grandmother first went to live at Premier, I was amazed at how clean it was and how compassionate and caring the staff were to her. They treat her like family and she considers all of them her extended “grand kids”.

Later when my mom’s heart started to fail, I really tried hard to get her into Premier – and thankfully there was a space available for her. It is simply the best run elderly care facility I have ever seen!

I’ve lived 5 other places and this is the very best place on earth! One thing that is very different is the home-cooked meals and the care is wonderful!

I think this is a great place to be!